Can’t really blame the manufacturer if most of people here report no issues. Probably they could do better on customer service but all in all I find them ok for what they offer. The Midi-in is a great asset, esp. Be the first to post a comment No comments. The iO Dock II is a wedge-shaped unit, made of of shiny black plastic that looks a little flimsy, but is actually quite sturdy. Had I known I would have not upgraded my OS to 5.

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Enquiries to both the original supplier and Alesis Europe came to a startling and abrupt end.

This means that two people can easily plug into the iO Dock and listen to the mix. Be alessis, though, that some apps are not compatible with the iO Dock – IK Multimedia’s Amplitube for instance, at the time of writing, doesn’t ‘see’ the iO Dock and will only accept an input through devices like its own iRig, plugged into the iPad’s headphone.

I had some problems with the midi at the beginning but it was corrected after the update to firmware 1. You would then have an on-location recording device. Gain knobs are provided for both inputs and there are also separate volume knobs for the quarter-inch jack headphone output and the left and right main outputs, also on quarter-inch jacks. Well-suited for musicians and producers who use apps to create music, the dock lets you connect a guitar, bass, microphones, keyboards and MIDI gear.


Hiss or distortion intentionally introduced by the virtual amplifiers inside recording apps i. That said, there are users who rave about this dock. I have had the worst experience with the IO Dock from Alesis. Sorry for the armchair psychosis-I-mean-psychology. Update Unrecognized Zip Code.

Alesis iO Dock review | MusicRadar

An internal pin connector enables the iO Dock to take over as the hardware input and output point for the tablet. In a single stroke, the iO Dock eliminates many of the shortcomings and limitations posed by this popular tablet computer. Power comes from a mains adaptor, so the iO Dock charges your iPad as you work and there’s a useful locking clamp to make sure the power cable doesn’t come loose. I had the same aleeis once upon a time.

All the connections are logically grouped – audio round the back, MIDI on the left side, monitoring on the right. Now that everything was connected, the next step was to try it out for a recording. I things to keep in mind: We all know by now that the iPad holds plenty of potential ioo an audio device with apps of many flavours soft synths, guitar amp sims, multi-track recorders and so on available and doubtless many more to come – we’ve even had the first iPad album.

The bottom line is that the iO Dock is a great allesis that transforms your iPad into an extremely functional musical production unit – and it’s nicely priced too.

When I turn the IO Dock off it plays though the ipad speakers. Its ability to send and receive midi alesia through the standard midi ports and a USB-midi port opens up the possibilities. The Keyboard doesn’t actuate sounds with the Midi out to the Alesis Midi in?


People may want to be aware of a glitch between ios 5 and the io dock that doc a squeal of feedback and horrible sound if you switch model amps in Garage Band.

I used a cablejive cord. I didnt check his specs. Our Verdict All the connections you need to turn your iPad into a functional studio.

Alesis iO Dock II for iPad 2nd, 3rd, 4th Gen IO DOCK II B&H

Alesis says that the iO Dock is built to accommodate all current app-development standards including Core MIDI and, overall, we found that it works superbly with a range of apps. The headphone output easily supplied my Sony MDR headphones with plenty of juice, and I was able to get good levels using its phantom power and preamps with my Audio Technica B microphone.


Enter new zip code to refresh estimated delivery time. The specifications are available online. Can’t really blame the manufacturer if most of people here report no issues.


There are no surface mount connections on the iO Dock II. Probably they could do better on customer service but all in all I find them ok for what they offer. Caveat emptor, I guess.